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My name is Juliette, and I am a qualified counsellor who can bring compassion and a wealth of experience to support clients through their troubles and concerns.

I offer Individual counselling,  reflective practice work, immersion counselling  and wellbeing workshops.

In counselling I support clients, safely and in confidence through a variety of challenges to include anxiety and stress, depression, bereavement and loss, issues at work, low-self esteem and lack of confidence.

In reflective practice I offer a safe and confidential space for clients to focus on their thoughts and feelings connected to work in order to adjust and respond differently to situations to improve their working life.

Immersion counselling gives the client the opportunity for therapeutic work with me for longer periods of time with a range of approaches such as conventional counselling, walk and talk, and creative activities.

Workplace Wellbeing Workshops incorporate a variety of wellness topics including mental health awareness, resilience, coping with change and stress management.

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